The dangers that threaten us.


March 8, 2010

This is not an ideological issue related to the hopeless hope that a better world is and should be possible.

It is known that homo sapiens has existed for about 200 thousand years, equivalent to a tiny space of time elapsed since the onset of the first elementary forms of life on our planet about three billion

Responses to the unfathomable mysteries of life and nature are fundamentally religious. Pointless to pretend it was otherwise, and I have the conviction that never cease to be. The more science delves
into the explanation of the universe, space, time, matter and energy, infinite galaxies and theories on the origin of the constellations and stars, atoms and fractions thereof giving rise to the life and the
brevity of it, and the millions and millions of combinations per second that govern its existence, the more questions will the man in search of explanations that are increasingly complex and difficult.

The more human beings enfrascan find answers to such deep and complex tasks that relate to intelligence, more will be worth the effort to get them out of their colossal ignorance about the real possibilities of what our intelligent species has created and is capable created. Living and ignoring it is the total denial of our human condition.

Something, however, is absolutely true, very few imagine how close may be the disappearance of our species. Nearly 20 years ago in a World Summit on Environment in Rio de Janeiro, I approached this danger before a select audience of Heads of State and Government who listened
with respect and interest, although not at all concerned about the risk I saw the passing of centuries, perhaps millennia. For them, security, technology and science, plus a basic sense of political
responsibility, would be able to cope. With a large picture of important people, the most powerful and influential among them, happy that important Summit concluded. There was no danger.

Climate change barely spoke. George Bush, father, and dazzling other NATO leaders, enjoyed victory over the European socialist camp. The Soviet Union was disintegrated and ruined. A huge flow of Russian money went to Western banks, its economy collapsed, and its defensive shield against military bases of NATO, had been dismantled.

The former superpower that contributed the lives of more than 25 million children in the Second World War, he was only strategic response capacity of nuclear power, which had been forced to create after the United States developed a secret weapon atomic dropped on two Japanese cities, as the opponent defeated by the unstoppable advance of the allied forces was no longer able to fight.

Thus began the Cold War and the manufacture of thousands of thermonuclear weapons, increasingly destructive and precise, able to destroy several times the population of the planet. The nuclear standoff continued, however, the weapons became increasingly accurate and destructive. Russia is not resigned to the unipolar world that seeks to impose Washington. Other nations such as China, India and Brazil emerge with unexpected economic strength.

For the first time, the human species, in a globalized world full ofcontradictions, has created the ability to destroy itself. Added to  this are weapons of unprecedented cruelty, such as bacteriological and chemical tests, napalm and white phosphorous, which are used against the civilian population and enjoy total impunity, electromagnetic and other forms of extermination. No corner in the depths of the earth or the sea would be outside the scope of existing means of warfare.

It is known that these pathways are created tens of thousands of nuclear devices, including portable nature.

The greatest danger from the decision of leaders with such powers in making decision, that the error and madness, so common in human nature, can lead to incredible disaster.

It has been nearly 65 years since the outbreak of the first two nuclear devices by the decision of a mediocre subject after Roosevelt's death was in command of the powerful and rich U.S. power.
Today there are eight countries, mostly by U.S. support, have these weapons, and many others enjoy the technology and resources to manufacture a minimum of time. Terrorist groups, alienated by hatred, may be able to attend them, just as terrorists and irresponsible governments would not hesitate to use them given their genocidal and uncontrollable behavior.

The military industry is the most prosperous of all U.S. and the largest exporter of weapons.

If all these risks our species is released, there is an even greater, or at least more inevitable: climate change.

Humanity now has seven billion inhabitants, and soon, within a period of 40 years, will reach nine billion, a figure nine times greater than just 200 years ago. In times of ancient Greece, I venture to suppose that we were about 40 times less worldwide.

The wonder of our age is the contradiction between the imperialist bourgeois ideology and the survival of the species. It is no longer that there is justice among human beings, more than possible and essential, but the right and the chances of survival for them.

When the horizon of knowledge extends to levels ever conceived, the closer the abyss where humanity is conducted. All suffering known to date are just a shadow of what humanity may have to go.

Three events occurred in only 71 days, that humanity can not ignore.

On December 18, 2009, the international community suffered the greatest defeat in history, in its attempt to seek solutions to the most serious problem that threatens the world right now: the need to
urgently stop the greenhouse gases that are causing the most serious problem faced by humanity today. All hopes had been placed in the Copenhagen Summit after years of preparation after the Kyoto Protocol, the U.S. government, the largest polluter in the world had had the luxury to ignore. The rest of the world community, 192 countries, this time including the United States, had committed to promoting a new agreement. It was so embarrassing the U.S. attempt to impose its
hegemonic interests, in violation of basic democratic principles, tried to set conditions unacceptable to the rest of the world in an undemocratic, under bilateral commitments with a group of the most
influential countries of the United Nations.

For the states of the international organization were invited to sign a document that makes a mockery, which is spoken of merely theoretical future contributions to curb climate change.

This was less than three weeks when, on the evening of January 12, Haiti, the poorest country in the hemisphere and the first to end the hateful system of slavery, suffered the worst natural disaster in
recorded history in this part of the world : An earthquake measuring 7.3 degrees on the Richter scale, only 10 kilometers deep and very
short distance from the edge of their coasts, hit the capital, whose weak mud houses lived the vast majority of people were dead or missing. A mountainous country and eroded than 27 thousand square kilometers, where firewood is virtually the only source of domestic fuel for nine million people.

If somewhere on the planet a natural disaster has been a great tragedy is Haiti, symbol of poverty and underdevelopment, home to the descendants moved from Africa by the colonialists to work as slaves of the masters whites.

The event shocked the world in every corner of the planet, shaken by the images released film bordering on the unbelievable. The wounded, bleeding and severe, moved among the bodies calling for help. Under the rubble lay the bodies of their loved ones dead. The number of fatalities, according to official estimates, exceeded 200 thousand people.

The country was taken over by forces of MINUSTAH, the UN sent to restore order subverted by Haitian mercenary forces, instigated by the Bush administration, were launched against the government elected by the Haitian people. Some buildings where soldiers lived and heads of
the peacekeeping force also fell, causing painful casualties.

The official reports estimate that, apart from the dead, about 400 thousand Haitians were injured and several million, almost half of the total population, were affected. It was a real test for the global community, that after the embarrassing Summit of Denmark had the duty to show that the developed and rich countries would be able to deal with climate change threats to life on our planet. Haiti should be an example of what rich countries must do in the Third World nations to
climate change.

Believe it or not, challenging the data, to my mind irrefutable, the most serious scientists on the planet and the vast majority of the better educated and serious in the world, who think that the current rate of warming, greenhouse gases raise the temperature just 1.5 degrees, but up to 5 degrees, and since the average temperature is the highest in the last 600 thousand years, long before humans existed as a species on the planet.

It is absolutely unthinkable that nine billion human beings who inhabit the world in 2050 could survive such a catastrophe. The hope remains that science itself find a solution to the problem of energy consumption today requires 100 years in the rest of the fuel gas, liquid and solid that it took nature 400 million years to create. Science can perhaps find a solution to the energy. The question would be to know how long and at what cost human beings can face the problem, which is not unique as many other non-renewable mineral and serious problems require solution. One thing we can be sure, from all the concepts known today: the nearest star is four light years from our Sun at a speed of 300 thousand kilometers per second. A spacecraft that distance may scroll through thousands of years. The man has no choice but to live on this planet.

It seems unnecessary to address the issue if only 54 days after the earthquake of Haiti, another incredible earthquake of 8.8 magnitude on the Richter scale, whose epicenter was 150 kilometers deep and 47.4 northwest of the city of Concepcion, will not cause another human disaster in Chile. It was the largest ever in that sister country, says another reached 9 degrees, but this time it was not just a phenomenon of seismic effect, while in Haiti waited for hours that there was no tsunami, the earthquake in Chile was followed by a huge tsunami, which appeared on their shores from nearly 30 minutes to an hour depending on the distance and data are not yet known with precision and whose waves reached Japan. If not for the Chilean experience to earthquakes, their buildings stronger and more resources, the natural phenomenon would have cost the lives of tens of thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands. No cause for it stopped about a thousand deaths, according to official data released, thousands injured and perhaps more than two million people suffered property damage. Almost the entire population of 17 million 94 thousand 275 inhabitants, suffered terribly and still suffering the consequences of the earthquake that lasted more than two minutes, its repeated aftershocks, and the terrible scenes and sufferings by the tsunami along its thousands of kilometers of coastline. Our country is full solidarity and morally supports the material effort that the
international community is obligated to offer to Chile. If something was in our hands, from the human point of view, by the brother people of Chile, the people of Cuba do not hesitate.

I think the international community has the duty to inform with objectivity the tragedy suffered by both peoples. It would be cruel, unjust and irresponsible to leave the villages to educate the world
about the dangers that threaten us.

Let truth prevail above the pettiness and lies with which imperialism deceives and confuses people!

Fidel Castro Ruz

March 7, 2010

9 and 27 pm